Judicially Murdered, by Anne T. Kaylene


 A Passion for Honor, by Anne T. Kaylene


 Dry Foods at Home, by Richard & Kathy Melton


 Basic Backpacking: A Newsletter for Backpackers of All Ages!, by Richard & Kathy Melton

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 Rebels of the Silent Fox, by Anne T. Kaylene

  • A rousing sci-fi adventure for children! First in a trilogy that spans both time and space! Jussie (a young girl who was born and raised on the Lunar Outback Colony), her cousin Paxil (a young boy born and raised on Earth) and Little Red (a mute fox) face danger and triumph over evil! Kids who have previewed the novel say, "I liked it!" "Hurry up with the next book!"

When Peace and Justice Meet, by Anne T. Kaylene

  • Sequel to Rebels of the Silent Fox. The continuing adventures of Jussie, Paxil and Little Red. The rebels have a motto: When Peace and Justice meet, freedom will rule." Deep in the jungles of South America, Justice McCall (nickname Jussie) and her cousin Paxil (means peace) McCall meet a boy named Justin Freedom. Is this fateful meeting a good omen?

Flowers of the Field, by Richard & Kathy Melton

  • A beautifully illustrated book of some of the most common edible wild plants. Did you know that you might have a virtual wild garden nearby? Cousins of domesticated garden vegetables, wild plants often have more flavor and higher nutritional value than the common varieties we are familiar with in grocery stores and our own gardens. Native peoples of the Northwest used these wild edibles for food and other things as well. The authors have carefully researched the information and have personally enjoyed eating and working with each of the plants. Every year, they add more to the collection of wild edibles in their back yard!


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