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 Anne T. Kaylene


Anne (Kathy Meeker-Rouhier) is a native of the Northwest. She was born in Medford, Oregon. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 1987. In 1988, she moved to Portland, Oregon, where she worked as a psychiatric nurse. The vibrant atmosphere of that beautiful city stimulated her imagination, and she started writing in earnest.

Her first published work was a series of adult reading instructional books. Prentice Hall published Lifelong Reading: A Basic Course, under the name Kathleen M. Rouhier. Anne strongly feels that reading is a vital part of life in today's world and that every person deserves a chance to develop this skill. There were few books available for adults that started with the very, very basics, so she wrote an instructional series that went from 0 (no reading skills) to about the 4th grade level. She hopes that her books have opened new doors for people who have used them.

Anne's maiden name is Meeker. Like so many others in America, her family is in the process of researching their history. She is the great, great, great niece of Ezra Meeker (a man well-known for his contributions to Washington State history and the marking of the Oregon Trail). Anne's brother, Gary, called her one night and read this sentence that he had discovered in an old document, "Ezra Meeker was one of two jurors who voted not guilty in the murder trial of an Indian chief." Of all the immediate family members, Anne (currently a resident of Scappoose, OR) was nearest Puget Sound and had experience doing research. Gary asked her to investigate. That 2-year investigation led to the historical novel, Judicially Murdered. As an interesting side note, Anne met one of Chief Leschi's descendants after writing the book. It was thrilling for them to discuss what happened to their respective relatives in those days. They have since become friends. The research led to another undertaking by Anne--Judicially Murdered: A Screenplay. Melton Publishing has already received offers for partial funding to bring this drama to the screen as a movie. Anne and Melton Publishing are working with the Nisqually Tribe to obtain a much-deserved Presidential Pardon for the hero, Chief Leschi.

Anne's next book was an adventure-romance (more adventure than romance, she emphasizes) called A Passion for Honor. Anne's fascination with the outdoors and the play of good against evil is evident in this Gothic thriller. Again her training and experience in psychology helped her develop full and convincing characters. Although her research on this novel was much less time-consuming and extensive than that for Judicially Murdered, it comes through in many small details that give an air of realism to her writing.

Anne and her husband, Richard, enjoy the outdoors as often as possible. One of their main activities throughout the year is wilderness backpacking. Out of this experience and even more research, they have produced Basic Backpacking: A Newsletter for Backpackers of All Ages, a monthly publication. Each year in the Northwest, people lose their way along the intersecting trails and in the mountains. One of the main features of the Newsletter is the section on Wilderness Navigation to help hikers learn how not to get lost and what to do if they do get lost. They are also interested in edible wild plants, cousins to the varieties commonly seen on American tables. They have studied these plants, and they have an ever-growing collection of them in their garden. Each issue of their Newsletter contains an article that covers one of the edible wild plants. They are also writing an illustrated book on the subject.

Anne has always enjoyed reading adventure books, even as a small child. Melton Publishing is in the final pre-publication stages of the first novel of her sci-fi trilogy for children, Rebels of the Silent Fox. Last year, she sent a copy of the book to some members of her target audience. One boy took the book to his 5th grade teacher, and she read it aloud to the class. The students filled out copies of the questionnaire Anne sent with the book, and their comments indicated that Anne's tale of young heroes of the future had excited the imaginations of those young people. This was a rather unorthodox approach, but Melton Publishing sanctioned it, because it had merit. Publishing houses most often send a manuscript to adult "experts" who tell them whether or not young people will like it.

Anne used to do a lot of home canning to improve the quality and decrease the additives in the family's food, but she and Richard switched to drying many of their foods. Caches of dried foods have been found that are hundreds of years old, and the food is still edible. This won't be the case for frozen or canned foods. They learned the basics and began experimenting with dried foods. They use these foods at home and when they are out backpacking so that they can enjoy nutrition, taste and variety in their meals without the expense and additives found in many commercial products. Each issue of Basic Backpacking: A Newsletter for Backpackers of All Ages contains hints for drying foods and recipes for backpackers. They have also written an instructional book titled Dry Foods at Home that explains in detail how to dehydrate, rehydrate, use and store dried foods.

When she isn't writing, Anne is usually painting. She is an accomplished fine artist, using acrylic paints as her primary medium. The portrait of Chief Leschi (Shadow of the Thunderbird--War Chief Leschi, Nisqually) is one of her paintings. It is on the top left of the Melton Publishing home page. This painting was displayed at the Nisqually Tribal Center during the summer of 2000. See About the Artist for more details and Melton Publishing Gallery for a look at some of her exciting paintings!



Author, President of Melton Publishing

Richard J. Melton


Richard is a native of the Northwest. Born in Olympia, Washington, he migrated with his family to Oregon at the age of 2 years. As a child, he lived in Portland and central Oregon. He settled in Scappoose, Oregon. After working in the medical field for many years, he changed careers and recently graduated as a Sheet Metal Journeyman. With his wife, Kathy, he owns and operates Melton Publishing. They are members of the Northwest Association of Book Publishers (NWABP).

Richard has had a love of nature and the outdoors from childhood. He is keenly interested in Native American history, crafts, skills and technology. He and Kathy also share a commitment to helping preserve the remaining American wilderness. One of Melton Publishing's publications, Basic Backpacking: A Newsletter for Backpackers of All Ages, is an outgrowth of that commitment. Richard feels that much of the destruction he sees in wilderness areas is done more out of ignorance than a desire to destroy or pollute. The Newsletter covers such topics as backpacking etiquette, trail safety and low-impact camping. For many years, he has studied edible wild plants, and he is collaborating with his wife to write an illustrated book on the subject.

With most of his time taken up by work, publishing, printing and promoting, free time is a treasured luxury. Whenever possible, Richard and his wife leave "civilization" and head for the wild country. He feels that all kinds of weather and all seasons present their unique challenges and joys.

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