More about the Novel

A Passion for Honor

By Anne T. Kaylene

Published by Melton Publishing


"When you take away a man's reason to live, you give him an incentive to die for a cause." If Lord Anthony had understood that principle, he might have succeeded in his plot to usurp the throne and claim the crown as his own.

Jennifer was innocent but not ignorant. She had the fighting spirit of her father, but it stayed hidden until strife and danger dragged it forward. At the age of 16, she traveled north disguised as a peasant girl. One man stood between her and death--or worse! Another threatened to destroy her innocence against her will. Honor said that she had to marry one man, but she loved another. To break her betrothal would dishonor her, but to leave the man she loved would crush her happiness forever.

The Sorceress Glendina was a healer. Ancient cures rested in the hands of only a few practitioners of the old arts. In spite of threats of death, she continued. Her life seemed forever linked to Jennifer's. She had been the midwife at the girl's birth and a co-conspirator to keep a dreadful secret from coming to the attention of the evil Lord Anthony. Breaking a solemn promise to a dear friend would help Glendina save his life, but it would expose Jennifer to even more danger. The Sorceress had no choice. She was the only one who could stop the Angel of Death.

Filled with action and suspense, the story moves quickly through intrigue after intrigue. Plot twists combine with superb character development to keep readers on the edges of their seats!

Anne's research and outdoor experience are evident in the settings. Minor details make a major contribution to the story. A Passion for Honor is a rousing excursion into the world of the past!