About the Artist

K. Meeker-Rouhier

Kathy is a native of the Northwest. Her favorite pastimes are painting, looking for subjects to paint and writing. A small collection of her paintings can be seen on the Melton Publishing Web Site Gallery. Although she paints most often in acrylics, she also does beautiful watercolors. "Watercolors present challenges that opaque mediums (oil and acrylics) don't," she says. "There are also some great effects that an artist can produce with watercolors that are nearly impossible to duplicate in other mediums."

Kathy paints everything from landscapes to old Victorian structures to portraits to still life. Asked where she gets her ideas, she replies, "Everywhere! Some come from my head, but all those images are composites of things I have seen and places I have been." Her style borders on photographic realism, although she admits to taking some "poetic license" with her subjects. "An artist's job to take something real and infuse it with life and character," she claims. "For instance, a tree may be the perfect shape, but I might move it to the left or right to help the composition of the painting." She often does paintings in an open-ended series. Victoriana I and II are series based on Victorian customs, lifestyles, artifacts and architecture. The Stillness of Nature series explores the quiet but dynamic character of Earth's varied landscapes and life forms. The Mini-Masterworks Series

With her husband Richard Melton, Kathy is planning to open an art gallery. This will give her a chance to display the work of other local artists as well as her own. Scappoose is a really small town, but the number of artists, writers and other creative people living there is astounding!

Kathy hopes that you enjoy the art gallery. You can contact her by e-mail through meltonpub@centurytel.net or by snail mail at the address: K. Meeker-Rouhier, c/o Melton Publishing, 55141 Columbia River Hwy., Scappoose, Or 97056.

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